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Your First Visit to Our Grange Office

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You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Most of the clients that attend our clinic first started care because of an ache or a pain, and I always tell them the same thing, “your pain is very important to me because it helped you to seek care, but it is not the cause of your problem. Like the red light on the dash board that tells you the fuel in the car is getting low, the red light is not the problem, just like the pain is not the problem; it is just telling you that there is some thing wrong”.

Our Grange clinic has been purpose built to accommodate all of our clients needs while receiving their adjustments. You will find our clinic to be modern and spacious with a welcoming atmosphere for everyone from infants and mums through to the older couple who are coming for their continued health in retirement.

There is sufficient undercover parking and direct street front access for those with children or who want to avoid the sun. There is a breast feeding and change room for those mothers who request privacy, family treatment rooms with two or more tables and all of our rooms are private and quiet to help you feel at ease.

Ready to get started? Give our Grange office a call.

New Patient Center | (07) 3356 8457