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Wellness Care

In order to help our clients with their continued chiropractic care, we introduced a Wellness Care program. Within this program, our clients receive up to a $9 discount on their regular chiropractic adjustments.

Since starting practice in 1998 our aim with care has always been to help you find great health by balancing your body with your life. In 2004, we introduced this wellness education program to help with this balanced approach to your health.

  1. Up to a $9 discount on each Wellness Care visit
  2. The latest researched information on chiropractic care
  3. Ongoing progressive assessments of your body’s response to care
  4. Ongoing progressive assessments of your health goals

The following are terms of acceptance that apply to receiving Wellness Care from the chiropractor at Sandy Clark Chiropractic:

  1. Attend a “Your Body – Your Power” seminar once every twelve months;
  2. Maintain your recommended schedule of care;
  3. Give 24 hours notice if changing or rescheduling appointment times; and
  4. Ensure accounts are finalised at the end of each adjustment. It has never been a policy of Sandy Clark Chiropractic to carry accounts unless previously agreed upon with the attending chiropractor.
  1. Two or more appointments have been missed without giving 24 hours notice;
  2. A “Your Body – Your Power” seminar is not attended at least once in a twelve month period; or Approved accounts are not finalised at the end of a one month period from when the attending chiropractor carried out the adjustment.

Ready to Get Started?

If you would like to learn more or to schedule your appointment, call our chiropractic office today.

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