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New Patients

Welcome to Sandy Clark Chiropractic! In our inviting, comfortable environment, you and your entire family will feel right at home. Our friendly team will warmly greet you the moment you step in. We’re happy you’re here!

Your First Visit

Your new patient paperwork is quick, taking just a few minutes to fill out. Then, you’ll be taken on a tour of the clinic before meeting Sandy. Together, you’ll talk about the history of your issues. A neurological exam will be performed. Following that, Sandy will explain his findings and how we believe we can make a change. You’ll also receive a chiropractic adjustment. This appointment takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Your Second Visit

When you return, Sandy will review your first visit and discuss how you have been since your initial treatment. We believe in open communication and let you make the decisions when it comes to your healthcare. We’ll tell you our best recommendations and answer all of your questions.

Regular Visits

After the initial few visits, you’ll notice that it doesn’t take long for Sandy to locate and correct the source of the nervous system interference that has been contributing to your problem. As you continue down the road to recovery, you will have reexaminations and reviews to make sure we’re making the progress we want to see.

You will always be given every opportunity to discontinue care if you are not totally satisfied or if you feel you have not reached your desired goals.

We’re here to help you set up your booking. Contact our team now!

New Patients | (07) 3356 8457