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First Adjustment

Depending on what your History Consultation and Examination reveals, your first adjustment may be on the first visit, if no X-rays are needed or on the second visit after a comprehensive X-ray assessment and report.

There are three common responses that you need to be aware of following your first adjustment. The first possibility is that clients can actually feel worse! “I feel like I have just run a marathon and then been hit by a bus”. Your body recognizes that there is something wrong but it needs rest to heal. Ever get sore after over-exertion in the garden or at the gym? Same thing here. Another possibility is that after the first adjustment you immediately start feeling better. While obviously welcomed by our clients, this can give the false impression that the problem is fixed. The most common response is practically no response! By the time some clients consult our office the underlying cause of their problem has been there for years. This can make their recovery slow.

Retraining muscles and soft tissues needed to support your spine and nervous system properly can take several weeks to months of intensive care. Please be patient.

Regardless of your response to the first adjustment we hope you’ll give your body time to fully heal.

Find out what to expect on your second adjustment.

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