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About Us

Sandy Clark Chiropractic was established in 1999. It is the culmination of our practitioner’s ideas of what a chiropractic clinic should be: personal, warm, friendly, professional and inviting. Chiropractor Sandy Clark works with each individual patient to find the balance that brings great health to all the families and individuals we see in Grange and Alderley, Brisbane Northside.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are not here just to educate. We are here to inspire you about the possibilities of life and health. We’ll take the time to develop a relationship that can help to bring about a complete transformation enabling your body to be better prepared for your future.

By removing the interference between the brain and the body, we clear the pathways for true healing to occur. You’ll learn whether you have limitations brought about by stress, injury or other trauma. Together, we’ll work to improve your stress response and enhance your ability to meet and maintain your life’s goals.

Our Family Practice

We welcome all ages of people, from kids to parents and grandparents. Sandy has a focus on paediatric neurology. We believe that the earlier your nervous system is assessed in life, the more easily you can manage the many challenges you encounter every day.

Working With Your Individual Goals

Whether your goals are wanting more energy, more resilience, a better immune response, better quality sleep or just less pain, we want to help you do the things in life that make you happy and content.

Why Education Is Vital to What We Do

Getting healthy takes an understanding of what we’re recommending to you and why. We’ll make sure you grasp what is happening in your body that causes your problems. Though many people write off pain as normal, it’s a sign that something deeper is happening. You might be surprised to get back to what “normal” truly feels like when your discomfort is gone for good.

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